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As I’m sure we’re all well aware, Valentine’s Day was last week. No doubt you saw girls (and guys!) hopping on the train after work, laden down with beautiful bunches of flowers, all wrapped up with pink and red ribbon, and love heart adorned crepe paper, each one bigger than the last? Incredibly sweet/cringe (I’m still on the fence to be honest), however, I’m someone who believes that to truly show how much you care for someone, you need to  spend something even more valuable than money and  invest in the most precious thing you possess: your time! Volunteering your time to another is a priceless act.

Schools have long realised the importance of volunteering, encouraging students to get involved with the community as much as possible. And it seems to have rubbed off. Today marks the start of ‘Student Volunteering Week’, a national campaign for student volunteers, colleges and universities, charities, social enterprises, businesses and public bodies to discuss and collaborate, offer exciting opportunities, and showcase innovative individuals and projects. The themes for this year are; participate, collaborate, celebrate. There are loads of volunteering activities taking place all over the country, and everyone is invited to get involved. Here are just a few you might be interested in:


Parliamentors is a UN award-winning leadership programme where teams of university students collaborate to create social change, all the while being mentored by MPs.

Monday, 11-3pm

Portland Building

Institution: University of Nottingham  

Letter writing to disadvantaged children

Send either a physical letter or an email to a sick child. www.postpals.co.uk allows you to choose the child you wish to send letter too either online or through a letter. Spare 15 minutes and put a smile on someone’s face.

Tue, 12.00-15.00

Students’ Union, Floor 5, Meeting Room A

Institution: University of Huddersfield

Community Cards

Use the old cards brought in by students and staff and recycle for charity. By re-sticking the card designs to new cards, The Welcome Centre are able to resell the cards to raise money. You can also create your own cards and donate the designs to The Welcome Centre.

Wed, 13.00-15.00

Students’ Union, Floor 5, Meeting Room A

Institution: University of Huddersfield

Wildlife Reserve Maintenance

Spend the day maintaining the wildlife reserve for the benefit of both wildlife and local people who enjoy the space. It’s a great way to volunteer, meet new people and spend time in the great outdoors. Sign up through the Volunteer Central website to get involved by searching “Students’ Union” opportunities.

Thur, 10:30am-3.30pm

Peascroft Wood, Bilston, Wolverhampton

Institution: University of Wolverhampton  

The Big SVW Bag Pack with GMYN

We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to spend the day at ASDA Hulme to raise funds for the Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN). You’ll be offering to pack people’s bags at the checkouts in return for a small donation to the charity. If you would like to volunteer at this event, please sign up via the Volunteer Hub.

Fri, 11:00-16:00

ASDA, Hulme

Institution: The University of Manchester


Do you plan to get involved in Student Volunteering Week? We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to share the details with us on Twitter @Mango_Marketing



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