Missing Child? Tips for parents

Missing Child (Visualise)How to find a missing child – Daily Express

Having spoken with Groupcall’s data security officer, Steve Baines, Alice Foster’s article details the five key tips for parents to take if their child should go missing. The advice given by Mr Baines advocates signing up to the Child Rescue Alert (CRA) system, which uses the media, police and public to assist in the search for a missing child. He also suggests looking for any tell-tale signs that the child is distressed or anxious, and provides examples of unusual behaviour. The article gives an outline of steps that a family should take if their child goes missing, using a ‘rule of three’ approach to locate their missing child, by contacting places where they might be and people who might be with them. Mr Baines suggests that parents use the CRA system, which casts a wide net using SMS, email and social media to contact anyone who might have seen them. Once these options have been exhausted, Mr Baines believes that this is when the family contact the police.

You can read the full article on the Daily Express website.

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