Teaching leaders join forces to help shape UK education sector

Group of Teachers: UK Education

Shaping UK Education

British education organisation Innovate My School are set to aid the working lives of teachers further with their new Education Advisory Board. This group currently boasts chair Dominic Norrish (United Learning), leading edtech expert and author Mark Anderson, and Computing trailblazer Mark Dorling. The UK education Advisory Board also includes a quarterly-rolling position picked from IMS’ grass-roots community, with Lancashire teacher Sarah Bedwell taking on this role for the first meeting. The team of edu-elites will be working closely with Innovate My School managing director Michael Forshaw to bring the latest resources, technologies and ideas to teachers across the UK and beyond. 

Innovate My School is a Chester-based, community-driven organisation sharing the latest and greatest education trends with teachers. This is done via exclusive guest articles, which are shared daily, and also through the unique IMS Speed Dating sessions. Here, groups of school leaders sit down with a wide variety of educational pioneers to discuss what they could bring into their schools. In 2016, Innovate My School is on course to deliver 100 events, with many more to come. These events are free-of-charge to school leaders, and will be one area streamlined by the new EAB.

“I am delighted to have been invited to chair Innovate My School’s Advisory Board, as I have long been a fan of their grass-roots approach to the education community,” said Dominic Norrish, group director of technology at United Learning. “Their mission to showcase real ideas and innovations that can positively impact teaching and learning is one that I share, and the decision to set up an Advisory Board of educationalists is one from which every organisation working alongside teachers could learn.”

This upgrade is greeted by a brand-new Innovate My School website, which can be seen at www.innovatemyschool.com. Through this simple, streamlined platform, education professionals can more easily seek out guest articles (by authors from all over the world), full publications, events information, a marketplace and the latest news in teaching and learning, all free-of-charge. This new website illustrates the company’s community focus, encouraging teachers to get involved at every opportunity.

Managing director Michael Forshaw said: “I’m thrilled that we’re taking Innovate My School to such bold, exciting places. This last year alone has seen numerous developments, such as a rapidly growing team, hitting a milestone of 25,000 community members, expanding our events internationally and running our 100th speed dating session, which was a very proud moment. It’s a privilege to work with such enthusiastic educators on a daily basis, and with our new Education Advisory Board, we will be able to further our impact over the next 12 months!”

To find out more about Innovate My School, visit www.innovatemyschool.com. Alternatively, please contact hello@innovatemyschool.com or 01244 312720.