Traditional routes to market don’t hold much weight with education audiences. Education establishments, including schools and colleges don’t behave like typical consumers. With strict (and often stretched) budgets, they’re not so easily drawn in by shiny packaging and traditional advertising. 

While you may have the best product in the world, it is the way in which you present it that will be the difference between them placing an order or not.


Sometimes, you need to make a big splash in your target market to get the word out far and wide… and fast! This can include sending press announcements to all the relevant media outlets, starting up targeted social media channels and creating a brand that resonates with the sector. We’ve helped companies to make a big media splash at the beginning of their business journey, or for the launch of a brand new product in the national and trade press.


At Mango, all the work we do is geared towards generating more referrals to your website or encouraging more people to pick up the phone by improving your reputation and promoting your expertise in the market specific to you.

We provide detailed analytics reports on our PR and marketing activities and can combine this with your own internal KPIs and targets. 


Mango at PLMR has the enviable position of maintaining a large cohort of contacts and relationships across the education sector. Whether you’re looking to join associations, form partnerships or increase your exposure with stakeholders, we can work with you to establish valuable connections.

One of our key strengths is its ability to create well-crafted and engaging content through thought-leadership, social content and case studies. After all, teachers want to hear how what you do is important, or how end users have benefited from your products!


The ins and outs of online presence, whether its SEO, social media, or Google advertising, can be difficult to get your head around, and it requires constant maintenance to evolve with your audience. At Mango, we can work with you to help you understand the on-site and off-site factors that can impact where your website ranks in search engine results and to create a transparent strategy to improve your SEO.

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