Today, many consider ‘reputation management’ in terms of comments and discussion on the internet. However, while this is increasingly important, a company’s reputation is built using many tools: overhearing your staff talk on trains or on their personal social media pages, end users sharing their experiences, and press coverage reviews and reports in traditional media are just a few examples.

Reputation is at the heart of client acquisition: the vast majority of people considering using your products and services will carry out research to verify your company.

Reputation management is the foundation to the success of your business. Mango Marketing works with our clients to protect them and build their reputation using all available tools.
Branding & Positioning
Your key branding messages are an important part of building your reputation; it is vital to differentiate you from your competitors. We can help develop positive references, information, traditional and online media coverage, blogs and other online resources to raise sector awareness and compound these messages.
Stakeholder Engagement
Because we are immersed in the education, training and development sector, we are able to build our clients’ reputation and relationship with key stakeholders and influencers.
PR & Communication Audit
By working with your target sector’s journalists, we ensure that your company and product names are kept front of mind; your name will be the one referenced in as much media coverage as possible.
Crisis Management
In addition to our traditional crisis management services with ex-BBC journalist Mike Ramsden, we provide online reputation crisis management. Anyone can write about your company and damage your reputation by assuming control of your online presence. We work with you to consider and test any possible negative situations through penetration assessment and other means. From this, we can help build a crisis communication plan and develop staff training to overcome any possible negative impact in the future. Your website and social media are key tools in managing your identity both on a daily basis and when crises occur. We can help to manage these channels or provide in-house training. Our job is to ensure the fast suppression of negative search listings and content. Negative comments can become positive if managed quickly and well!

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