Increasingly education establishments are being forced to run themselves like efficient businesses. With competition for students rife, now more than ever, schools, colleges and universities need to distinguish themselves in order to attract prospective students, increase enrolment numbers and ensure teacher/lecturer retention. No successful business could set itself apart from its competitors without a good public relations (PR) strategy; education providers are no different, they too require effective education PR and marketing.

In addition to increasing enrolment figures, a good PR strategy can also help you to:
Raise your profile
Mango Marketing can effectively spread your news, information and trends to your target audiences. Whether you want to celebrate student achievement, profile a charismatic teacher, promote your school fundraising efforts or highlight a course, we can secure school media coverage that gets your name and stories out there.
Build media and community relations
We can educate the local community of all the positive aspects of your establishment to help build community relations. We can also build key media connections by developing strong relationships with appropriate local and national journalists on your behalf.
School rebranding and marketing collateral creation
Schools deciding to become academies, or colleges joining force with others, will often need to carry a full rebrand in order to distinguish it from its old identity. This will include creating, from scratch, a number of things such as a new logo, prospectus, stationary and website. Mango is experienced in guiding education providers through the rebrand process; our team of highly skilled creatives can design any of the new marketing collateral you may require in-house.
Mango has experience in media buying and is able to negotiate significantly reduced advertising rates for its clients. We can also create all your print, online/banner adverts in-house.
Manage crisis situations
Occasional problems and challenges are inevitable. Mango Marketing can help develop a crisis communication plan so that you are prepared to react to any circumstance, ensuring that your reputation is not damaged.
Improve your website and social media presence
In the age of social media domination, it’s crucial to be active on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Sharing updates and content not only enables you to publicly share your achievements, but can also drive traffic back to your website, boosting search engine optimisation (SEO).

Schools are under pressure – often because they need more money, teachers, or students. Others have a poor reputation or poor community relationships. They may feel that they’re doing great things but they’re not sharing them well enough. Or they may want to understand and meet the needs of their changing communities better.

In addition to Mango Marketing’s PR and marketing support for schools we work with Resonate who via online training, help schools to use the latest marketing thinking, creativity and cutting-edge digital technology.

  • Resonate uses the latest learning technology to deliver highly-focused online school communication courses and to help schools capture and share their own training anywhere
  • Highly practical face to face courses are provided , that deliver marketing and communication plans to engage staff, students and the wider community. The courses help schools to use the latest digital technology and make the most of social media
  • Mango and Resonate use the latest research technology, our specialist marketing knowledge and unique understanding of all types of schools to deliver cost-effective marketing analysis and consulting. We partner with education experts to seamlessly deliver all aspects of school marketing

Resonate has an overall client positive feedback rating of 91 per cent which is why they are the ideal partner for Mango Marketing to work with to support our clients’ needs.

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