Associations, should be respected as the voice of their industry. They strive to offer value to their members and the wider audience in which they operate.

At Mango, we work with many sector associations and industry bodies related to training, education and development. We help our client associations to tell their story, engage with their audience, generate interest, build credibility, analyse and refine communication strategies and establish lasting and beneficial relationships.

Associations we have worked with include the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA), nasen (Special Educational Needs), Naace (Computing in Education), Mathematical Association (MA) and the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL). Our strategy is to help you with a range of communication services. 


Whether you’re a new association in need of a launch campaign, or a well-established group looking to maintain your industry standing, PR support can help you to achieve your goals through well-crafted media coverage. We can also help you to create designed collateral, build beautifully-crafted and fully-functional websites, improve your Search Engine Optimisation and build a strong online brand presence.


As an association, you may have a concentration of expertise in one area, or a wide range of specialisms across several sectors. Whatever the case, Mango Marketing can help you to position this knowledge in the best possible way, demonstrating your influence to a wide audience of stakeholders, including government agencies and potential members.


Speaking of new members, finding and targeting the right audience is crucial for any association looking to boost its numbers. With relationships across the media, Mango Marketing can help in developing connections with publications that speak to your target market, as well as securing coverage in general titles for broad exposure.


While gaining new members is a challenge, keeping them is just as important. You may have a number of benefits that you already provide to members, but Mango at PLMR can help you to give your members more, involving them in your PR activities to gain extra exposure. We can also help to develop and write copy for member newsletters, association reports and much more.


In addition to establishing significant media relationships, Mango at PLMR can also help you to build your reputation and lasting connections within your community, including customers, suppliers, peers, stakeholders and industry leaders.

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