Prioritising safeguarding in education

Schooling plays a central role in children’s lives, and the impact is far-reaching. Not only does it provide them with an academic education, it also nurtures their mental and physical well-being. Unfortunately, safeguarding shortfalls have occupied education headlines across the UK, and with a recent Ofsted report warning that “ineffective safeguarding judgements remain high”, it

The impact of play on teaching and learning

Change comes from action. Action comes from doing. And doing helps us learn. The power of learning through ‘doing’ or ‘play’ by taking part in hands-on, practical activities should never be underestimated, regardless of whether we’re children or adults. However, the sad fact is approximately 95 per cent of five-year-olds will test as creative geniuses,

IT’s girl code!

Computer Weekly recently reported that ‘the number of girls taking GCSE level computer science [had] fallen since the computing curriculum’s introduction in 2014.’ The article explained that a study by the University of Roehampton found the number of girls taking Key Stage 4 level computing subjects was ‘30,000 less in 2017’ than in 2014.  BBC also

Digital marketing and schools

It should go without saying that schools are tight on resources, particularly time and money.  But in an education system where competition for pupils and funding is rife, digital marketing can be one of the best investments you make. If “digital marketing” is a foreign concept to you, or if it sounds a bit intimidating,

Back to the classroom with online learning

With the rapid development of education technology comes great tools for engaging both teachers and learners, but one area that isn’t quite as prevalent as one might expect is online learning. Sure, there certainly isn’t a shortage of the option to pursue studies purely through your tablet or laptop, with even a course in theatre

Gen Alpha: Understanding Young Consumers

Earlier this week I was able to attend a panel discussion at AdWeek Europe that was hosted by The Week Junior. The topic was, as you might expect, young consumers, specifically Gen Alpha. For those of you who are still setting your sights on Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996), Gen Alphas were born in 2010’s

Long live Religious Education?

Currently, 26 per cent of secondary schools are not offering religious education (RE) lessons.  Among academies, which make up the majority of secondary schools, more than a third were not offering RE to 11 to 13-year-olds and almost half were not offering it to 14 to 16-year olds. In addition to this, Government data also

Why Careers Advice Needs To Take Vocational Courses Seriously

For a long time obtaining a degree has been thought of as the main way to secure a well-paid and fulfilling career- a golden ticket to the good life if you will. Yet this narrative is increasingly falling in to disrepair with reports that many graduates are now finding themselves in non-graduate positions wondering whether

How can higher education lead on gender equality?

Earlier this week, a couple of the Mangoes attended a panel discussion, hosted by the University of East London (UEL), which looked at the UN’s HeForShe initiative for gender equality. The panel included human rights activists, university lecturers and pro-vice chancellors, as well as youth workers, and one of the topics that particularly resonated with

Back to the Basics

What a week it has been for education! I would go as far as to say that the sector hasn’t seen this level of coverage since the infamous Cabinet reshuffle (which was actually only 5 weeks ago…). To kick the week off, the Sunday papers were splashed with headlines on THOUSANDS of senior teachers at

Fall in love with learning!

With shops full of all things red, and bears holding love hearts, it’s hard to forget that today is Valentine’s Day. I’ve even noticed that some schools have started their own cupid courier service, with students able to send each other notes of secret admiration. It’s sweet, and I like that we’re embracing acts of

Mental health provision in schools – a sign of change?

    Mental health is very much on the current government’s agenda. Worrying new studies have highlighted an increase in the number of children suffering from mental illness and Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has highlighted that around half of all mental health illnesses start before the age of 14. Increasingly the discussion has centred on

Leave a message after the tone: French schools ban mobiles  

From September 2018, the French government will enact a ban on all mobile phones in schools for children under 15 years old. Students will not be allowed to use their phones at any time during the day, not even at breaks, meals, or between lessons. There have also been talks in the UK of implementing