The World of B2B Marketing

With over 15 years’ experience in education PR and marketing, Mango Marketing certainly knows a thing or two about good marketing and publicity. However, nobody – not us, not you, not even Professor Brian Cox – knows everything: there is always more to learn and, as Aristotle said, “Human beings are curious by nature”. It is this innate curiosity that drives us all to keep improving, keeping developing and keep exploring new opportunities. With this in mind, the Mango Marketing team, along with hundreds of other marketing tsars, visited the B2B Marketing Expo at ExCel London (11-12 May) to explore the latest strategies, developments and forecasted marketing landscape.

So what’s new in B2B Marketing?

The event saw a number of marketing visionaries take to the theatres to discuss and share their expertise and advice, with visitors gaining an in-depth view of everything from the power of video marketing to understanding Google Analytics. Here are a few examples of the seminars we visited…

Martin Ray-Jones from Eden Videos hosted an informative session: “Supercharge your Marketing with the Power of Video”. The seminar explained why people respond well to video content and how a strong digital campaign can help businesses achieve their marketing goals. At Mango, we’ve recently taken on a few video projects for clients, helping them to develop their websites, social channels and online coverage, and ensuring their content is relevant, unique, and most importantly, engaging.

Simon Morton from Eyeful Presentations Limited delivered a seminar in the keynote theatre called “B2B Presentations: why it’s time to think, act, and deliver differently”. PowerPoint is the first thing that springs to mind when considering presentations, but this session dispelled traditional approaches and made it clear to visitors that it’s all about messaging…

During a seminar titled “Content strategy for the Web”, Marianne Wiil, digital marketing manager at Web Behaviour Specialists Ltd, discussed what content strategy is and outlined the top four factors to consider when producing web content. Whether you’re in the marketing industry or not, it is valuable to know that any content you post to a professional or personal website should be unique; the language, the tone, the syntax- it all needs to be distinctive and relevant to your brand!

The B2B Marketing Expo was considerably smaller than we thought it would be, but perhaps this is because we manage the PR for Bett, which is the world’s leading event for learning technology, so we’ve got used to the scale of that! Nevertheless, the intimate atmosphere suited the event and worked well. We hoped that the expo would provide us with some inspiration and an overview of the current marketing trends, and it did. It delivered exactly what we had hoped for; a lively atmosphere, a fascinating range of seminars delivered by industry experts, and the chance to delve even deeper into the world of marketing!