A technical education: developing the skills for a changing Britain

What is a ‘technical education’? Even before the announcement of the General Election, Prime Minister, Theresa May, had been advocating the need for what she calls a ‘technical education’; an idea that focuses on 21st Century skills for the modern-day workplace. But what exactly are the skills that are needed for the future, and how

Client News: London Connected Learning Centre and IBM Computing Summer School

Industry immersion: teachers get hands-on experience at IBM Computing Summer School This July, teachers will have the chance to step out of the classroom setting and into the technology industry with the IBM Computing Summer School, which will take place 3-5 July 2017, at IBM Southbank (one of three Summer Schools that IBM is delivering this

UK General Election 2017: Getting young people involved with politics

It’s a topic that has dominated the media for the past month, following Theresa May’s announcement of a snap UK General Election for 8 June, three years before we were due to go to the polls. Politics is a difficult subject for some young people, who believe that it is too complicated to understand, or

School fundraising for Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day, and this evening, the annual Comic Relief show will grace our screens with an evening of comedy (and the much anticipated short sequel to Love Actually), all in the name of raising money for tackling poverty in the UK and around the world. As always, people around the country have

Positive vibes in the education news

Every day at Mango, we write a bulletin summarising the latest education news from all the major news sources for the sector. Today, one of the stories really stood out to me, simply because of how incredibly positive it was. While it’s not always “doom-and-gloom”, the news often focuses on the issues at hand and how

12 Days of PR and Marketing

We’re feeling very festive at Mango this week; there’s an abundance of Christmas jumpers, fairy lights and chocolate biscuits in the office. So, as our gift to you, we’ve compiled our top 12 PR and marketing strategy tips for 2017. Top Tips for PR and Marketing 1) Content marketing No matter what your product, service

The best learning environment?

In the office last week, we discussed what we believed to be the qualities of a good teacher. Following this, we decided to take a look into schools as a whole, taking inspiration from our friends at HundrED and their interviews with world-class educators to see what they think the future of education should look like.

Learning to fail: Finding achievement in difficulty

Learning is hard. We can’t all be fantastic at everything; no matter how hard we work, there will always be barriers. Some of these you can overcome, but others will trip you up time and time again. For students and adults alike, it’s difficult to understand that failing is OK, and that we can learn

Shaping the next 100 years of education innovation: HundrED needs YOU!

Global education initiative, HundrED is continuing its worldwide search for education innovation and inspiring teaching and learning practices. Finland is frequently praised for having one of the best and most progressive education systems in the world. The aim of HundrED, which forms part of the country’s centenary celebrations, is to help Finland maintain its world-leading status in education, and

Schools’ PR: Why you can (and should) promote your school

What is it that makes your school special? Is it your superb work ethic? Is it the amazing extra-curricular activities you give your students access to? The standards of your curriculum and attainment? Whatever it is, you’re bound to have something to shout about: you want everyone to know, and that’s where schools PR comes

All change: Who’s who in education now?

As Theresa May steps into office at Number 10, a number of key changes are already taking place in the cabinet, not least for the Department for Education. This morning, it was revealed that Nicky Morgan would no longer be serving as education secretary and later in the day, Justine Greening was appointed as her replacement. So

The top five EdTech evolutions

In education, we’ve seen a great number of changes over the years, not least those that have come about through the expansion of technology. EdTech began in the 1980s, with the very first Bett Show being hosted in 1985, showcasing the newest ideas for improving education using technology. Now, over 30 years later, the landscape of

There’s more to computing than just coding

Subject Genius: Computing: Shaun Eason, All Saints Catholic School for TES In this blog for TES, Shaun Eason from All Saints Catholic School considers the limits of current ICT teaching, showing concern with the growing trend of teaching the subject with a focus on computer science, rather than the application of computing to real-life problems. He also

The journalist & the polar bear

What do you get when you cross a journalist with a polar bear? Writing press releases, pitching ideas and communicating with journalists are the pillars of our work at Mango Marketing, but sometimes, even the most exciting or well-written pitch can fail. As with every hurdle in life, it’s how you bounce back from these situations

Missing Child? Tips for parents

How to find a missing child – Daily Express Having spoken with Groupcall’s data security officer, Steve Baines, Alice Foster’s article details the five key tips for parents to take if their child should go missing. The advice given by Mr Baines advocates signing up to the Child Rescue Alert (CRA) system, which uses the