Raising awareness around mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 8-14 May, and this year rather than focusing on why so many people live with mental health problems, the campaign is uncovering why too few of us are thriving with good mental health. Currently, suicide is the biggest killer of young people under the age of 35, with an

Our top tips for effective revision!

At the start of the school year, exams seem a million miles away, but before you know it you’re sitting in rows in the exam hall with the first all-important paper staring up at you from the desk. However, the task of revision is often met with dread and procrastination. For example, five minutes into

Bett 2017: Exploring game changers in education

It’s almost that time of year again: the bustling four-day event that brings together 35,000 teachers, educators, edtech companies and organisations to explore and discuss the current issues in education and the ways in which we can all play a part in improving the future of the sector. Bett 2017 is returning to ExCeL London

Children’s Book Week: encouraging and inspiring children to love reading

This week (31 Oct – 4 November) is Children’s Book Week, an annual campaign organised by the UK’s largest reading charity, BookTrust, which aims to inspire a love of reading in children. Every year, the charity encourages schools, libraries, children and their parents to get involved and celebrate books and reading. Books play an integral

Is homework really a key ingredient in the recipe for success?

This week, a school in Essex scrapped all homework in order to allow teachers more time to plan their lessons. Catherine Hutley, principal at Philip Morant School and College has told pupils and parents that homework will no longer be set, and instead, out-of-hours tasks will be encouraged (but not compulsory) and there will be

Are exam results the be-all and end-all of success?

August; a month full of nervousness, excitement and a whole bucketful of mixed emotions for many students. The lead up to A-Level and GCSE exam results can undoubtedly be a stressful time for students, especially when it comes to needing specific grades for either university, starting an apprenticeship scheme, or simply determining what subjects they

Should the school holidays be a learning break or bridge?

The school holidays are officially here; cue hundreds of children venturing outside, joining summer camps, travelling abroad or simply spending time with friends and family. While it’s fair to say that pupils (and teachers) have certainly earned some time off, should children’s learning stop completely over summer? Of course, we don’t expect them to sit

Refugee Week: helping students understand the situation

This week is an important time for Britain. Not only because thousands of people will be making the decision whether to remain in, or to leave the EU, but because it’s also Refugee Week; a hugely significant event which takes place across the world, in collaboration with World Refugee Day (20 June). The week-long event

Empiribox: Investing in science and doing it wisely

We spoke to Empiribox about preparing and engaging students in science at school and we believe that ultimately, in order to do this, schools need to be investing in the right resources. Sue Murray explains… A third of primary school teachers lack confidence teaching science and are in turn, not prioritising it over other subjects, according to

Gorkana article: What fewer education reporters means for PRs

We spoke to Gorkana in response to Sean Coughlan’s recent article on fewer education reporters, and what this means for PRs in the sector. Here is an exert from the article. For the full version on the Gorkana wesbite, click here. BBC education correspondent, Sean Coughlan, recently published an opinion piece on the international education and innovation

British Science Week is here!

This week is British Science Week (11-20 March), giving teachers, students and organisations across the UK the opportunity to celebrate all things science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Science is fast-becoming a prominent subject across all sectors of the UK economy. In fact, a 2015 Science Council report revealed that 20 per cent of the UK

Teaching leaders join forces to help shape UK education sector

Shaping UK Education British education organisation Innovate My School are set to aid the working lives of teachers further with their new Education Advisory Board. This group currently boasts chair Dominic Norrish (United Learning), leading edtech expert and author Mark Anderson, and Computing trailblazer Mark Dorling. The UK education Advisory Board also includes a quarterly-rolling

It’s time to make that 2016 resolution

So January is typically renowned for poor weather (tick), kick-starting the gym (tick) and attempting to diet (tick). It also happens to be my birthday month, possibly the most depressing month ever to celebrate but that’s a whole other conversation in itself. With the start of the year, comes New Year’s resolutions and here at

Trick or teaching: bringing the classroom alive

With Halloween only a few days away, it’s not long before a herd of ghosts, vampires, monsters and witches will land on your doorstep wailing, ‘trick or treat?!’ While there are lots of spooky activities set for the weekend, there’s still time to incorporate the tradition into fun classroom activities. With lessons limited to certain