Picturing your story

You may have heard that this month is National Share-a-Story Month, which makes it the perfect time to talk about all things stories and storytelling. While you may instantly associate stories with books, in fact, stories can take many forms including oral, written, physical, digital and visual. For instance, we might tell our own stories,

Egg-cellent fun this Easter

Easter – it’s traditionally a Christian holiday that celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus. Yet in today’s day and age, if you ask someone what springs (pun intended) to mind when they think of Easter, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they replied, “Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny”. However, if we think

World Book Day 2017

Today is World Book Day, a day that celebrates everything and anything to do with reading, including the authors, books, illustrators and, of course, readers – those people (like me!) who love to read – and this year is quite a special one as it’s the 20th anniversary of World Book Day! Whether you’re a

Bett 2017: Top tips

Bett is back. That’s right. The world’s leading education technology is back for another year, and this time, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever, as it is all about the game changers in education (you can read our blog about this year’s theme here). Plus, with guest speakers such as Sir Ken

Christmas Around The World

Most of us love Christmas; it brings friends and families together, it lifts our mood and it makes us appreciate those around us – it is the most wonderful time of the year after all! In the UK, we have many Christmas traditions. For example, advent calendars are a popular pastime that see us opening

National Nursery Rhyme Week

Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Peter Piper, and Little Bo Peep – just a few nursery rhyme characters that you probably recognise and are able to recall the lyrics to following years of repeating them as a child. Whether your grandparents sung them to you, or you were taught them at nursery school and sang

World Teachers’ Day

If you didn’t already know, today is World Teachers’ Day, a day that celebrates – you guessed it – teachers and the awe-inspiring contribution they make to education. In the UK alone, there are approximately 1.3 million teachers and support staff working in state schools; that’s a large workforce and one that quite rightly deserves

Back to School: new shoes, an oversized uniform and Henry VIII

Next week signals the end of the summer holidays and the start of a new academic year. For many students, this can be both an exciting and daunting time, with class changes, new subjects, possibly new friends and teachers and, most students’ least favourite part, the onset of school work and homework once again. After

Reach for the stars; the view is great up there!

Astronaut and British Army Air Corps officer, Tim Peake, has featured regularly in national and local newspapers over the past year and has frequently trended on Twitter, which, in the 21st century, is something of a big deal! As the first British European Space Agency astronaut and the second astronaut to bear a British flag

Life, learning and leisure pursuits

The learning environment at the end of term I distinctly remember the end of the summer term at school being a time where, to be quite honest, not much work was done, but fun was certainly had. It’s the period where exams are over and the summer holidays are fast approaching; students are feeling particularly

The World of B2B Marketing

With over 15 years’ experience in education PR and marketing, Mango Marketing certainly knows a thing or two about good marketing and publicity. However, nobody – not us, not you, not even Professor Brian Cox – knows everything: there is always more to learn and, as Aristotle said, “Human beings are curious by nature”. It is

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

Back in September, Queen Elizabeth celebrated the milestone of being the longest reigning British monarch. Today marks a more personal milestone: her 90th birthday. We’re feeling rather patriotic in the Mango office today, so thought we would dedicate a blog post to the Queen! So grab your Union Jack flag and make a cup of

World Book Day 2016

If you spotted Peter Pan, Cinderella or Harry Potter on the daily commute this morning, don’t panic- you aren’t going mad! There is a good chance it was simply a child living out their literary fantasy because today is World Book Day; a yearly celebration of authors, illustrators, books, and most importantly, reading. Now in

Addressing Illiteracy

“Illiteracy is not a sexy or exciting topic” says model and actress Lily Cole. I agree. There is nothing particularly enthralling about addressing illiteracy because it doesn’t instantly provoke an emotional response. However, if you think about the ramifications of being illiterate, then the topic becomes very thought-provoking and necessary, especially when it affects more