Digital marketing and schools

It should go without saying that schools are tight on resources, particularly time and money.  But in an education system where competition for pupils and funding is rife, digital marketing can be one of the best investments you make. If “digital marketing” is a foreign concept to you, or if it sounds a bit intimidating,

Gen Alpha: Understanding Young Consumers

Earlier this week I was able to attend a panel discussion at AdWeek Europe that was hosted by The Week Junior. The topic was, as you might expect, young consumers, specifically Gen Alpha. For those of you who are still setting your sights on Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996), Gen Alphas were born in 2010’s

Back to the Basics

What a week it has been for education! I would go as far as to say that the sector hasn’t seen this level of coverage since the infamous Cabinet reshuffle (which was actually only 5 weeks ago…). To kick the week off, the Sunday papers were splashed with headlines on THOUSANDS of senior teachers at

Preparing Students for Careers of the Future

By now you have likely heard the estimate that around 65 per cent of the jobs that children now entering primary school will end up in, don’t even exist yet. With exciting technology like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and self-driving cars emerging and gaining practical use, that’s not exactly surprising. But how can we as

Diversity in Higher Education

Diversity within higher education is a topic that has been cropping up in national and trade press over the past few years, and becomes a particularly important talking point at the start of each academic year. But is any significant change being made? If you have read today’s headlines, reporting that Oxford and Cambridge are