Mango Marketing joins forces with PLMR

Mango Marketing has joined forces with PLMR, after being acquired by the Westminster and Edinburgh-based integrated communications agency. The Mango team have moved to PLMR’s headquarters opposite the Department for Education in Westminster. PLMR, which has an award-winning education team of its own, is the perfect platform for Mango and its team. Sue Murray and


If there’s one thing teachers have had to get used to in recent years, it’s change. Policy changes, assessment changes, curriculum changes…it’s been a bumpy ride! Change can be a very positive thing; after all, we’d never make any progress if things stayed the same. But change is often met with trepidation, mainly because of

Egg-cellent fun this Easter

Easter – it’s traditionally a Christian holiday that celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus. Yet in today’s day and age, if you ask someone what springs (pun intended) to mind when they think of Easter, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they replied, “Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny”. However, if we think

You do the maths…

April marks the start of Mathematics Awareness month, the very idea of which I’m sure sends a shiver down the spine of many people. Thoughts of long, intense maths classes where you’d be expected to recite (or worse, understand!) Pythagoras’ theorem; determine the probability of a specific outcome, compared to all possible outcomes; or worse