Teaching the most important lesson of all…Compassion

With Christmas coming up, it’s very easy for children (and adults!) to get caught up in the superstore adverts, sparkly lights, mince pies, copious amounts of prosecco (not the kids!) wish lists for Santa, and spending…lots of spending! It’s very easy to forget what Christmas symbolises, or at least, what it should symbolise: love, peace,

Independent Schools Show 2016

Having never been  to a schools’ show before, I had an image in my mind from my old school days of a bunch of teachers in tweed skirts with their hair in pony tails and lips tightly pursed. What a difference the modern day teacher was! As I went to an independent school myself, I

National Nursery Rhyme Week

Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Peter Piper, and Little Bo Peep – just a few nursery rhyme characters that you probably recognise and are able to recall the lyrics to following years of repeating them as a child. Whether your grandparents sung them to you, or you were taught them at nursery school and sang

Children’s Book Week: encouraging and inspiring children to love reading

This week (31 Oct – 4 November) is Children’s Book Week, an annual campaign organised by the UK’s largest reading charity, BookTrust, which aims to inspire a love of reading in children. Every year, the charity encourages schools, libraries, children and their parents to get involved and celebrate books and reading. Books play an integral