Is homework really a key ingredient in the recipe for success?

This week, a school in Essex scrapped all homework in order to allow teachers more time to plan their lessons. Catherine Hutley, principal at Philip Morant School and College has told pupils and parents that homework will no longer be set, and instead, out-of-hours tasks will be encouraged (but not compulsory) and there will be

Don’t forget to remember…use your memory

We’ve recently started working with an organisation that runs the Junior Memory Championship™, a hugely popular nationwide memory championship for primary school children. The competition aims to find Britain’s rising memory stars, and last year saw over 300 schools across the UK take part. The initial stages of the championship are conducted online, with the

Dress for success: The unending school uniform debate

In the last couple of weeks, cases of schools excluding pupils who have breached strict school uniform policies have emerged. Rather than turning up on the first day of the new academic year looking like one of those children from the George at Asda ‘back to school’ adverts, a number of pupils were deemed to

Learning to fail: Finding achievement in difficulty

Learning is hard. We can’t all be fantastic at everything; no matter how hard we work, there will always be barriers. Some of these you can overcome, but others will trip you up time and time again. For students and adults alike, it’s difficult to understand that failing is OK, and that we can learn

Back to School: new shoes, an oversized uniform and Henry VIII

Next week signals the end of the summer holidays and the start of a new academic year. For many students, this can be both an exciting and daunting time, with class changes, new subjects, possibly new friends and teachers and, most students’ least favourite part, the onset of school work and homework once again. After