Schools’ PR: Why you can (and should) promote your school

What is it that makes your school special? Is it your superb work ethic? Is it the amazing extra-curricular activities you give your students access to? The standards of your curriculum and attainment? Whatever it is, you’re bound to have something to shout about: you want everyone to know, and that’s where schools PR comes

Should the school holidays be a learning break or bridge?

The school holidays are officially here; cue hundreds of children venturing outside, joining summer camps, travelling abroad or simply spending time with friends and family. While it’s fair to say that pupils (and teachers) have certainly earned some time off, should children’s learning stop completely over summer? Of course, we don’t expect them to sit

All change: Who’s who in education now?

As Theresa May steps into office at Number 10, a number of key changes are already taking place in the cabinet, not least for the Department for Education. This morning, it was revealed that Nicky Morgan would no longer be serving as education secretary and later in the day, Justine Greening was appointed as her replacement. So

During the school holidays, take our advice and….

Aaaah, summer. Beautiful summer. The school holidays. There you are. We’ve been waiting patiently, and are so happy to see you. With most schools now on summer holidays, teachers, parents and students have well and truly made plans for how they’ll spend the six week break. While for some this won’t extend past catching up

The top five EdTech evolutions

In education, we’ve seen a great number of changes over the years, not least those that have come about through the expansion of technology. EdTech began in the 1980s, with the very first Bett Show being hosted in 1985, showcasing the newest ideas for improving education using technology. Now, over 30 years later, the landscape of

There’s more to computing than just coding

Subject Genius: Computing: Shaun Eason, All Saints Catholic School for TES In this blog for TES, Shaun Eason from All Saints Catholic School considers the limits of current ICT teaching, showing concern with the growing trend of teaching the subject with a focus on computer science, rather than the application of computing to real-life problems. He also

Life, learning and leisure pursuits

The learning environment at the end of term I distinctly remember the end of the summer term at school being a time where, to be quite honest, not much work was done, but fun was certainly had. It’s the period where exams are over and the summer holidays are fast approaching; students are feeling particularly