The journalist & the polar bear

What do you get when you cross a journalist with a polar bear? Writing press releases, pitching ideas and communicating with journalists are the pillars of our work at Mango Marketing, but sometimes, even the most exciting or well-written pitch can fail. As with every hurdle in life, it’s how you bounce back from these situations

The World of B2B Marketing

With over 15 years’ experience in education PR and marketing, Mango Marketing certainly knows a thing or two about good marketing and publicity. However, nobody – not us, not you, not even Professor Brian Cox – knows everything: there is always more to learn and, as Aristotle said, “Human beings are curious by nature”. It is

Missing Child? Tips for parents

How to find a missing child – Daily Express Having spoken with Groupcall’s data security officer, Steve Baines, Alice Foster’s article details the five key tips for parents to take if their child should go missing. The advice given by Mr Baines advocates signing up to the Child Rescue Alert (CRA) system, which uses the