British Science Week is here!

This week is British Science Week (11-20 March), giving teachers, students and organisations across the UK the opportunity to celebrate all things science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Science is fast-becoming a prominent subject across all sectors of the UK economy. In fact, a 2015 Science Council report revealed that 20 per cent of the UK

Top Tips for supporting student mental wellbeing

How to provide effective support for student mental wellbeing Writing for the Guardian Teacher Network, Corinne Adams, deputy headteacher at All Saints Catholic Secondary School, shares her top tips for supporting student mental wellbeing in preparation for Mental Health Awareness Week (16-22 May). Her suggestions include assigning teams responsible for the students’ mental wellbeing, in order

International Women’s Day: In praise of women (part two)

In honour of International Women’s Day, here’s part two of our ‘in praise of women’ blog. Picking your inspirational woman isn’t easy. There have been so many amazing women throughout history but often it’s those closest to us that prove to be the biggest inspirations. So this one’s for our families and our friends. Mango

International Women’s Day: In praise of women (part one)

Today is International Women’s Day, and we’ve all decided to write about some of those who stand out to us. Sue Murray: Like picking a favourite book or song, picking an inspirational woman is really difficult. There have been so many that deserve a mention: Marie Curie is always right up there. To be the

World Book Day 2016

If you spotted Peter Pan, Cinderella or Harry Potter on the daily commute this morning, don’t panic- you aren’t going mad! There is a good chance it was simply a child living out their literary fantasy because today is World Book Day; a yearly celebration of authors, illustrators, books, and most importantly, reading. Now in

Exams and Homework

Getting the most out of homework and revision In his article for SecEd, Gareth Mellor, marketing manager at SAM Learning offers his advice for teachers to help their students get the most out of homework. Gareth believes that students need to know that they can receive support from their teachers, whilst teachers must be capable