Addressing Illiteracy

“Illiteracy is not a sexy or exciting topic” says model and actress Lily Cole. I agree. There is nothing particularly enthralling about addressing illiteracy because it doesn’t instantly provoke an emotional response. However, if you think about the ramifications of being illiterate, then the topic becomes very thought-provoking and necessary, especially when it affects more

Teaching leaders join forces to help shape UK education sector

Shaping UK Education British education organisation Innovate My School are set to aid the working lives of teachers further with their new Education Advisory Board. This group currently boasts chair Dominic Norrish (United Learning), leading edtech expert and author Mark Anderson, and Computing trailblazer Mark Dorling. The UK education Advisory Board also includes a quarterly-rolling

Counting down to the Education Show 2016

The Education Show, the recognised event for educators to discover the latest developments in education, will return to the NEC, Birmingham on 17-19 March and this year is expected to be bigger and better than ever before. The Education Show is Bett’s younger sister; she is slightly smaller, yet bears an uncanny resemblance to her

Uptake in physical education is on the rise at All Saints!

Emphasising the importance of physical education in schools In this article for Education Magazine, Daisy Hamilton, the head of Physical Education (PE) at All Saints Catholic Secondary School, explains what her department has done to encourage students to get involved with sports and physical activities. For starters, they have removed the possibility for students to