What the Paris attacks mean for the children

In the aftermath of those terrible events in Paris, teachers and parents across France and the rest of the world are faced with a daunting task: explaining to young children what happened, as well as what it means for them. I was only nine years old when the Twin Towers fell in 2001. Old enough

Combatting bullying in schools

This week (16-20 November) is Anti-Bullying Week across the UK. Most of us will have experienced some form of bullying in our lives. This could have been anything from unwanted jokes or malicious comments, to physical harassment or harm. The memories often stick with us, affecting our own self-worth and behaviour, or in extreme circumstances

Seriously impressive young people

Earlier this week I read a story in the Huffington Post about a young entrepreneur who turned selling sweets into a kid’s lifestyle brand that now makes more than £1,000 a week. I was impressed. When I read on and learned that Henry Patterson, entrepreneur, and owner of Not Before Tea was an 11 year old boy,