What does the OECD PISA report mean for education?

The recent OECD PISA report on the use of technology in education states that “Schools have yet to take advantage of the potential of technology in the classroom to tackle the digital divide and give every student the skills they need in today’s connected world,” This is a topic that continues to cause controversy, with

Pupil exposure to ICT continues to rise despite its value being questioned

Despite a recent OECD report questioning the value of classroom technology, UK schools continue to increase the amount of teaching time using ICT.   The British Educational Suppliers Association’s (BESA) annual ‘ICT in UK State Schools’ research findings shows that pupils are currently exposed to ICT for 53 per cent of teaching time in comparison

Why we love teachers

Here at Mango, we have the absolute pleasure of working with teachers on a daily basis. These incredible people not only help us to learn new things, but also how to develop as people. With this in mind, we thought about our favourite teachers and what made them so special. Alex Maher: I had an

Education PR: A few top tips

Our last post talked about the top mistakes made in education PR, so we thought we would follow that with a few top tips on what you should do!   Work with schools: If you’re in the development stages then get yourself a beta-testing network or some ambassador schools. Product launches will rarely resonate as

Education PR: Biggest mistakes to avoid

So, you have a service or solution that can save schools time, or help raise pupils’ attainment, and you want to target the education sector with PR? Here’s our advice on what you shouldn’t do!   Don’t be too sales orientated: It’s counter intuitive for some people, but an article that talks about how great

Stationery, friends, boys and new beginnings…

As children across the country return to school, here are some of our strongest memories of our own school days. Lydia Slaughter: I would love to say that my favourite thing about starting a new school year was something academic, but in all honesty…it really wasn’t. For me, it was always that feeling of new beginnings